C3PLACES - Using ICT for Co-Creation of inclusive public Places


Expected impacts

C3PLACES create value by offering scientific based strategies and tools to improve the quality of public open spaces by involving potential users into co-creation. The results will increase the awareness on new applications and technology of developers and users of the new tools to promote changes in people's behaviour, towards more active life styles. Involving industrial partners into research activities will help to synchronise academic and industrial research that may result from the intersection of ICT and public space and their relevant users, and therefore promote existing and establish new links with industrial partners in new commercial applications. This is even more important since participants are coming from different scientific domains and have different backgrounds and experience. The Project will generate knowledge on creative industries, increasingly important to urban resilience, economics, and well-being of cities. It will deliver arguments and evidences for urban sustainable, integrated and inclusive development policy priorities, including health, demographic change and wellbeing, innovative and secure societies. The Project is expected to speed up the international development of this new research field and to improve interdisciplinary cooperation. Researchers, experts, planners and stakeholders, and communities will benefit from the exploration of new ideas and approaches to better address the increasing challenge in ICT development for contemporary/future society as well as in public spaces development and design.

Companies including SMEs developing wireless, IoT, future internet, etc. are actively looking for applications of their technology. The knowledge developed within C3PLACES may be of great interest for them to develop a new line of products.