C3PLACES - Using ICT for Co-Creation of inclusive public Places


People build and maintain the relationships through various social media, yet, diversity of public open spaces remains critical for cultural identity development...


C3PLACES will generate knowledge and know-how for a co-creation approach to be used to merge the use of ICT with these essential functions of the public spaces...


C3PLACES is a multidisciplinary research initiative that includes basic and strategic research, innovation, and application, involving partners from different European countries and cultures...

Latest news

Oct 17, 2018

Project CyberParks is releasing a book of ideas on the use of ICT to contribute to spatial practices

Newly Released: Hybrid Heritagescapes as Urban Commons in Mediterranean Cities: accessing the deep-rooted spatial interfaces of cities  This publication presents the discussions that took place during the International Training School “Hybrid Heritagescapes as Urban Commons in Mediterranean Cities: accessing the deep-rooted spatial interfaces of cities”, convened at The Science and Technology in Archaeology Research Center of the Cyprus Institute, in Nicosia, organised within the COST Action TU1306 CyberParks (www.cyberparks-project.eu).  The diferente chapters explore how ICT and interactive narratives can contribute with creative practices of using the built heritage of Mediterranean cities for the reactivation of neglected urban spaces through playful engagement and storytelling. Available at: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1981237178/ref=sr_1_4
Sep 25, 2018

Os Projetos C3Places & CyberParks estão presentes na Noite Europeia dos Investigadores | 28 de Setembro

Ciência na cidade é o tema para a Noite Europeia dos Investigadores de 2018, o qual pretende aproximar investigadores e sociedade em atividades preparatórias no dia 28 de setembro. Os Projetos C3Places e CyberParks - ambos coordenados pela Universidade Lusófona/CeiED estão presentes apresentando as últimas novidades no eixo - espaço público, pessoas e tecnologia. Visite-nos no espaço: Claustro / MUHNAC Piso 0 
Sep 25, 2018

The third international meeting of the C3Places Project | Ljubljana | 17 - 19 September 2018

The third international meeting of C3Places took place in Ljubljana / Slovenia from 17 to 19 September and was organised by the Project partner UIRS (www.uirs.si). Besides the discussion on the progress made, two major topics dominated the agenda: The first one was the issue with the Italian partners, which after more than one year since the Project begin still do not have a valid contract ensuring the financing by the Italian National Funding Agency. Having all partners able to properly work central is issue in a Project, which based on cooperation and exchange of specific expertise, the tasks cannot be covered in the same dimension by other partners. The present situation is also limiting the generation of data, since the case study planned for Milano could not be implemented yet. The lack of planned outcomes and the too many constraints are major issues the Project has to handle, then a sustainable solution for this fully disappointing situation is very unpredictable.
The second major issue of the meeting was the development of a Business and Exploitation Plan – a central element required by H2020 / JPI UrbanEurope Programmes. In a session coordinated by Dr Monika Mačiulienė of the Lab for Social Technologies, Mykolas Romeris University (www.mruni.eu/en) (Vilnius / Lithuania) a first draft has been elaborated. A Business Plan is a very delicate issue for a project dedicated to the development of a common good - as the case of urban public spaces. This first draft is being internally further discussed, its delivery is planned for October 2019.
The next project meeting is scheduled for 21 to 23 May 2019 in Milano/Italy.


C3PLACES aims at developing strategies and tools to increase the quality of public open spaces through Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) by influencing positively co-creation and social cohesion effects