C3PLACES - Using ICT for Co-Creation of inclusive public Places

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International Symposium
JUMP into
JULY 14 - 15, 2020 Lisbon PT

The C3Places International Symposium JUMP welcomes contributions about different topics related to our overarching theme "Co-Creation, Public Open Spaces and Digital tools". Conceptual and empirical enriched submissions are welcomed, in particular related to the following topics:

  • Engaging people and participative processes
  • Co-creation of public open spaces
  • Conceptual reflection on co-creation and stakeholder’s engagement
  • The role of digital technologies in co-creation of urban public space
  • Innovative software or tools (especially those the audience can test during the symposium).

Further reading on these issues:
Project C3Places.eu http://c3places.eu/publications
Project CyberParks-project.eu http://cyberparks-project.eu/publications

The Symposium is structured in different sessions - keynote speeches, round tables and flash sessions. For the flash sessions an open call for presenters is opened. The flash session encompasses an short oral presentation to the full audience and is linked with a poster displayed in the “World-Café” sessions and a full paper to be published in the symposium proceedings.
Abstract submission [linkto REGISTER & SUBMIT]

A Book of proceedings JUMP INTO CO-CREATION, PUBLIC SPACE & ICT will be edited for the symposium with the blind reviewed full-texts and published by the Lusófona University Press/in the CeiED series Culture & Territory [http://www.ceied.ulusofona.pt/en/series-culture-and-territory].
Abstract submission [linkto REGISTER & SUBMIT]