C3PLACES - Using ICT for Co-Creation of inclusive public Places

u n d e r c o n s t r u c t i o n

International Symposium
JUMP into
JULY 14 - 15, 2020 Lisbon PT

The International Symposium JUMP into Co-Creation, Public Spaces & ICT aims at fostering exchanges between scientists, planners and stakeholders from practice and politics to reflect with the research team of the European Project C3PLACES [link to https://c3places.eu/] about the co-creation of public open space and the mediation of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
The Project is advancing knowledge on co-creation of urban public spaces and the role and potential of ICT in participatory processes. For this purpose, case studies and living labs have been implemented, aimed at boosting co-creative processes, developing new collaborative methodologies and reflect on the potential of using digital technologies towards creating more inclusive, responsive and attractive public spaces. Based on the keywords the Project is sharing insights on inclusive and digital communities; co-creation of public open spaces; community involvement; public space users; and socio-spatial practices.
C3Places invites participants to discuss experiences, methodologies, designs, plans, processes, perspectives, approaches, challenges and obstacles associated with the different aspects of the co-creation of public open spaces and the use of digital technologies.